Birth Behind Bars Certification Registration

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We are now offering a certification in Birth Behind Bars.  It is a 5 hour on line course.  There will be required reading and a test to take at the end of the course.  After taking this on line course, you will be able to:

**Understand the history of women in prison- where they have been, what is being done now, where we can go in the future.

**The educational needs of the pregnant inmate.

**Be able to identify and teach to the specific needs to the pregnant inmate.

**How to adapt positions for labor and birth with a pregnant inmate.

**Encourage, teach and help the new mother be able to bond with her baby at the hospital

**Able to identify pp depression and be able to help her as she returns to jail with out her baby.

**Understand and be able to equip the pregnant inmate on how to parent from jail

**The importance of making goals for the life of their baby and other children in her family

**Identify the goals the pregnant inmate needs to obtain while she is incarcerated.

**Identify the goals she needs to have as she reaches her release date.

**Identify her goals she needs for day 1,2 and 3 after she is released.

Cost of receiving your certification $275.00

This includes:

Course Material

On line classes

Certification Packet

Certification review

Registration with our official site and to be able to use our logo 

Registrations and certification packets cannot be shared with others.  Each person must register and receive their packet

Once we have received your registration form and your fee, we will send you the information to go on line to start taking your on line courses and send you your manual.