Pregnancy Class

In Pregnancy and Postpartum class today, we had the mom who just had her baby and two new inmates. As always, it was a very emotional class. But today was especially heartbreaking, as one inmate shared with us about her other children, one of them special needs, and why she was in jail. We never ask, but she felt the need to tell us; it sounds like she will be there for a long time, and it will affect her future with her children...Many tears were shed.

We also saw a few girls being housed in the medical pod, and one of them is due in a month and has been experiencing contractions and dilation already. This is her first child, and she is so scared and feels so alone. We just want to reach out and hug her and tell her how much we love her and her baby, but instead, we just reassure her that we will be there for her when she does have her baby, whenever that is.

Some days we leave feeling so emotionally drained...Today was one of those days. Thank you Brittany Johnson and Heather Fraser Mosher for your work today.